— a.m. morning schedule

The guided mountain excursion begins in the morning from the Frangokastello seaside.  We drive through old farmers’ paths surrounded by gardens of olive groves that lead us to Kallikrates Road–an uphill, zigzag mountain drive.  Upon ascending the mountain, we behold a stunning aerial view of the coastline.  Once reaching the mountaintop, we drive through a plain to Kallikratis, a traditional village dotted with homes old and new, little cafes, centuries old churches, ruins of cheesemakers’ huts, and vineyards.

We rest at a cafe to enjoy a beverage (included with tour) and to absorb the beauty and history of the charming surroundings. Next, we return to Frangokastello using a different route through the Asfendou – Imbros Road.  We pass through two other villages and descend a mountain that provides another breathtaking view of the sea where the island of Gavdos is visible on a clear day.  The scenery is spectacular.

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